My Top 5 Favorite Spots for Kids

At Vista View Park when my K. was a toddler
Maybe it's because I'm in my thirties and I have two little ones, but as of late, I've begun to feel like I'm truly rooted in South Florida. Now, I've lived here for almost 25 years. It was about time, I guess. I was born in Nicaragua and that's where I lived the first decade of my life. That will always be where I'm from. But, like I said, I've realized what a great influence South Florida has had on me. It is such a part of who I am and I'm glad it is.
One of the reasons this place has a permanent spot in my heart is because it has so much to offer. My family and I enjoy visiting different places every weekend. The other day I started an album on Facebook with some of my favorite pictures of my crew and me enjoying the area. One of my friends asked for recommendations of places to visit. This gave me an idea. I decided to post my five all time favorite spots to take the kids. Here it is:

Little Java's Family Fun Center in Weston
Two of best things about this place is how clean it is and how friendly the staff is. Both of my kids could play here for hours. They never want to leave. The management/owners have done a great job lately of providing more activities for the kids who are a little older. They now have a bigger game room, a rock wall, and this week then are installing some kind of high ropes activity. I haven't seen it yet, so I'll have to update you. Or you could go check it out.

Young at Art Children's Museum in Davie
If you have kids, you already know that YAA has reopened in a new and fabulous building. This is like a child's paradise. There is so much to see and do that your kiddos will be thrilled and eventually exhausted from all the fun. Nap time, anyone? :)

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca
My kids love animals and plants. This place is so educational and enjoyable. They have an outdoor walking path and tanks with all sorts of marine creatures. Make sure you go in the gift shop because they have an interesting hands-on display and a short video about sea turtles.

Alvin Sherman Library at Nova in Davie
Many of my friends go for the activities, like story time. The activities are so good and so popular that it gets really packed during those times. We like to go when it's quiet. A. loves the little tables with crayons and papers and K. loves the computer games. My husband checks out CDs for the kids. Their selection is incredible. And my favorite activity is sitting by the big windows in the back in one of those really comfy, huge, floor-chair things watching my kids be calm (most of the time) and happy. (You do pay a small fee for parking.)

Vista View Park in Davie
This park is covered and they have a great selection of play areas for the kids. I love driving up to it and seeing all the colors of the play equipment. It also has a great section for children with special needs. Love that.

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