Free Museums

These are my two little ones loving life at new EcoDiscovery Center at the Museum of Discovery and Science. K. and A. are watching otters frolic around in the new tank. We arrived at the museum around 1 pm. The kiddos played, explored, touched, and watched the exhibits for over two hours. In the end, it was my husband and I who wanted to leave to go take a nap. :) Well, both whippersnappers did pass out in their car seats as soon as we drove off the parking lot. One great part of the museum visit was to see my children learn and enjoy themselves. But a huge bonus was that neither my husband nor I had to pay the price of admission. We use the Museums on Us program by Bank of America. If you have a Bank of America card, you get in free to many museums in our area the first full weekend of the month. This weekend coming up counts because it is the first full weekend in July. The museum is worth the money, even if you don't have a Bank of America card. But, if it's already in your wallet, why pay full price?

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