Top Ten Family-Favorite Restaurants

The four of us love to eat. My husband jokes that it's our number one hobby. Actually, it's no joke. We go out to eat at least a couple of times a week. I liked these links and thought you might like them too:

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I also wanted to share our Top Ten Family-Favorite Restaurants. We love these places because the food is tasty and kind of healthy. The atmosphere is welcoming to families with little ones, which means it's noisy, and the people who work there are probably friendly to kids. Oh, and by the way, they're all pretty inexpensive.

1. Pizza Fusion
2. Salsa Fiesta Grill
3. Shorty's Barbeque
4. Jason's Deli
5. Offerdahl's Cafe Grill
6. Tijuana Flats
7. Uncle Al's Sports Cafe
8. Chipotle Mexican Grill
9. Char-Hut
10. Lucille's American Cafe


  1. totally miss Tijuana Flats, Jason's Deli, Lucille's and Pizza Fusion - especially Tijuana Flats!!! I also miss Longhorn's! Making my mouth water for my visit to FL in Oct!

  2. We love Tijuana Flats. We're there like once a week. Looking forward to your visit.

  3. So nice to see you posting again. You've been missed! Chipotle is our go to - don't feel like cooking place. Natalia would have their rice and black beans every night, if I let her. ;)

    Best to all of you!!