Day Trippin'

It's 2014 and my love affair with South Florida continues. One of our family hobbies is taking day trips. Our home base is western Broward. Anything within an hour drive or so is fair game. Hence, the reason why I love where we live. I can guarantee that we could take a different day trip every weekend of 2014 and end up somewhere fantastic. Wait a second! Light bulb moment. I just figured out my new year's resolution. I resolve to try my best to go somewhere great every weekend and write about it.
Ok. I have a disclaimer. I'm sure there will be a weekend or five when we will not go somewhere worth posting about. This will not be due to a lack of options. Someone will be sick or I will have seven loads of laundry to wash. But what I will do instead is post about a great place we have already visited. Deal? Deal.
To start off, I want to make a short list of the places/activities I haven't been to yet, but would love to experience sometime in 2014:

Venitian Pool (pictured above)
Bluefoot Pirate Adventures
Funky Fish Ocean Camp
Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum
Yamato Scrub Natural Area
Deerfield Island Park
Coral Castle Museum
Funderdome Indoor Play and Cafe

Happy New Year!


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