Our Incredible Miami Day

One of the reasons I love living in South Florida is because I can get the kids in the car and drive a relatively short distance to so many great places. For example, on Saturday we invited my mother-in-law to come along and decided to have a Miami Day. We went to 94th Aero Squadron for lunch. I'm not sure if I recommend this restaurant for little kids. Older kids, definitely. Warning though, it is pricey. Now, the coolest part of this restaurant experience is the airplanes. They have headphones next to the tables and you get to listen to the air traffic controller from the airport. And you get to see airplanes land take off every couple of minutes. K. was mesmerized. She would not take the headphones of the whole time we were there.

Next, we went to HistoryMiami for their Free Family Fun Day. K. had a great time painting at one of their stations, working on puzzles, making a guayabera, and "riding" an old Miami trolley. Totally worth the drive, especially because it was all free.
K. tracing at HistoryMiami.
We also went to the Miami Art Museum since it's right in the same plaza and they also had free family activities going on. My favorite part was Needle Woman by Kim Sooja. You walk into a large room with projections on the wall whre you see a woman standing in the middle of a crowd. You watch most people ignore her and some of them react to her. She chose 8 of the most populated cities in the world. It was interesting trying to figure out where she was. Also, it was fascinating to see how different cultures reacted to her. We had fun talking about what the exhibit meant to each of us.
My husband, mother-in-law, and my two kiddos watching the big ship sail away.
Then we went to South Pointe Park in South Beach and it was just awesome! We got there around 4:30 pm so we got to wave goodbye to the outgoing cruise ships. A. loved the big boats. He was even waving to the tiny people sailing away on vacation. This park just has so much to offer. We also walked to the beach, the kids entertained themselves in the playground, and we all had fun watching the people, dogs, bicycles, etc. at the park. This park is a must-see. One thing. They were charging $20 for parking! I know. Ridiculous. We just parked a little ways down the road at the meter parking and walked over. The walk was great because we got to see all the fancy new buildings next to the park.

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