Great Discount on Kids Dine Free Card

A couple of months back I got a Kids Dine Free card. The card costs $19.95 and it lasts for 90 days. During those 90 days, whenever you visit any of the participating restaurants, you receive a free kids meal. One kids meal for each card. Now whether this is a good deal for you depends on how many times your family goes out to eat and whether you frequent the participating restaurants. We go out to eat more often than I would like to admit. And we often go to the places included on the card. I think like 100 different locations are included. The list is extensive. I found the card to be a good deal for us. However, now it''s a much better deal because I spoke with them today and they are willing to give Palm Tree Playground readers a $5 off discount. I'm so excited because it's the first discount I'm featuring on my blog. I fell so cool. lol. When you go to purchase the card, enter the code "ptplayground". It should take $5 off the price. Please let me know if you buy a card and Kids Dine Free would like any feedback that you can provide. Enjoy!

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