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Moms and dads, what are your time-saving tricks and tips?

Now that I am a working mom, I have so little time in my life. I'm sure I'm not the only parent with this concern. =) Everyone, please share your time-saving tricks and tips with the readers of this cool blog.

(I'll announce the winner on Thurs. Sept. 25th. I use random.org to select the winner.)


  1. I make sure I do EVERYTHING possible the night before a work night. I make sure all bottles are ready in the fridge, clothes are picked out, and anything else that he will need at day care is in a bag ready to go.
    The first couple of days I was back at work, I was waking up Brody to feed him before I was ready, but I realized that for some reason I saved about 10 minutes if I got ready before I got him up. I haven't figured out why that saves me time, but it does!!!!
    I can't wait to read all of the other comments!!! :)
    Keep up the great work, Valerie!

  2. Well.... Having twins made me realize that I have twice less time lol. The best way to save time for me, is to plan, pack, research wayyyy in advance. For example, I just went to Jungle Island and I printed out the map to know exactly where I wanted to go. So... How do you save time and get tips on how to make the best of if??? Plan ahead use the internet and of course check the weather and ALWAYS have a plan B =)

  3. I try to get a lot done while my little one is asleep. Or before work, I know this will free up time for when I get home form work in the afternoon.

  4. I also try to make as much as I can the night before. I fill up both girls' bottles, I cut up the older one's fruit, I even make sandwiches the night before BUT I wait until the next day to put the mayo and mustard. My mother-I-L taught me to make sure the house is picked up the night before so that we don't get overwhelmed with tidying up...Lord knows it's hard to tidy when you're practically running late for work.

  5. Doing all household duties at night, after everyone is in bed. It's quiet, there are no interruptions, and I can get twice as much done, than if I had to contend with my 3.5 year old daughter and husband seeking my attention. I make sure everything is good to go for the next day, the night before.
    -- Ellen

  6. I also leave everything ready the night before (house, clothes, etc.) I even try to cook dinner the night before, whenever possible. Morning minutes are precious when you're getting two kids ready for school and need to make it out the door on time.

  7. I try to keep my son's bag packed at all times. If we use a diaper, snacks, etc., I try to replace it as soon as we get home so I don't have to worry about whether the diaper bag is stocked while we're trying frantically to get out of the door.

  8. As part of my bed-time routine (and nap time) I have my kids pick up their toys, so I don't have to do it by myself later.

    Also I use a planner that let's me see the entire month in a glance. That way I can tell what I have to do from week to week. Then on sunday's I look as see what's going on the rest of the week. If there are things that I need to prepare for more than a day in advance, or if there is something I know I'll need that's not readibly available, I have a better idea of what I need to do and when I need to do it.

    My last tip is that I read Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley- the Flylady. She helped me with my short cleaning routine every night.

  9. Jackie said...
    You need all the tricks these days,
    1- Cut baby's toe nails in a high chair
    2- Keep a basket in the car for toys left in the car
    3- keep coloring books in the car

  10. Heliana, you won! Congratulations. =)