Yummy in My Tummy

What: Organic Baby and Toddler Food
Where: 13770 West State Road 84, Davie and online store
How Much: Food - about $1 or $2 per portion
Phone: 954-358-2414

I am a foodie. When I finish breakfast, I start contemplating lunch: guacamole, hummus, turkey sandwich, mmm...? If I'm having a bad day, I daydream about gallo pinto or a juice burger with crunchy fries. One of the my most relaxing activities is zoning out to someone chopping and dicing on the Food Network. I savor capers, artichokes, and olives. And I can probably tell you where there's a Thai restaurant in your city. My husband says I'm obsessed. But I know it's genetic. Once, someone said that it's cheaper to buy the women in my family diamonds than it is to feed us. A blissful moment for me was the day I had to give K some prune juice (hear me out). She was four months old and, as she downed the bottle, licked her lips, and cried for more, I knew a had a baby foodie on my hands. She enjoys trying new flavors, even unusual things, just like her mommy.
And my baby foodie is into Yummy in My Tummy. The owners, Michael and Karen, are a mom and dad team who provide the highest quality organic baby and toddler food. The store is clean, organized, and the staff is always sweet. I have to admit, I buy food for myself when I visit. One of my favorites is the scrumptious mac and cheese, not salty and artificial, but creamy and authentic. Besides the delicious food, they sell all kinds of eco-friendly products, like utensils, bibs, sippy cups, etc. I recently found out that they do "tastings" for groups where you can sample the food and get a discount on what you purchase that day. When you go, buy yourself a little cup of Dutch Apple. Trust me.


  1. They do have the best food for the babies!!! I love the staff, too!

  2. Awesome food! My baby loves it :-)