A Latte Fun

What: A Latte Fun Indoor Playground and Cafe
Who: 1 to 5 years old (in my opinion)
Where: Coral Springs
How Much: $10.00 (2 years - 6 years), $8.00 (6 months - 2 years), $5.00 (siblings)

I convinced my husband to visit an indoor playground this past weekend. It helped my case that my brother-in-law, his wife, and their kids were coming with us. My niece is 5 and my nephew is 3. We decided to visit A Latte Fun in Coral Springs. My good friend and her nine-month old baby joined us, as well. It just opened last week, and man, let me tell you, everyone and their mother was there. The place has a coffee lounge section for parents decorated with comfy couches, stylish high chairs, jazzy background music, and a huge glass panel overlooking the play area. They also have a great menu. In the lounge, there is a variety of toys for sale, many of the same toys that are available to the kids inside. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. The play area has a super fun foam pit. Right next to it is the ground-level trampoline, which I really enjoyed. Yes, I enjoyed it. K. hung out with her daddy while I frolicked, bounced, and slid with my niece. (When you go, you need allow your self the freedom to glide down the inflatable slide.) My niece and I decorated ourselves with boas, ballerina skirts, and one of those cone-shaped princess hats. Later, we played “super market”. My friend and her nine-month old enjoyed the foam pit while my nephew happily played with a little remote control car. There was only one thing I didn’t enjoy, I felt the music was too loud. With the kids playing and screaming and the music blasting, for a second there, K. was a little overwhelmed. Two things I did like, first, the comfortable parent-chairs scattered along the perimeter, good thinking, and second, the staff was very amiable and polite and there was plenty of supervision. A Latte Fun is a perfect place for anyone between the ages of 1 and 5. Or anyone who wants to remember what’s it’s like to be between the ages of 1 and 5.
P.S. Don't forget your socks.


  1. We visited her the day after it opened! My son had so much fun he cried when it was time to leave. I am planning to do a post on it too.